Toppa Top 10: The Ten Best Caribbean Beaches

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November 6, 2013

3. Cabo San Juan (Tayrona National Park), Colombia


A perfectly hidden cove surrounded by virgin jungle, Cabo San Juan is not your typical resort beach with perfectly calm water. The bowl-like shape of the sheltered inlet makes it less of a natural swimming pool and more like a natural wave pool or sauna, making it difficult to stand or swim but perfect to just rock hypnotically back and forth. Its biggest liability as a tourist destination is actually its greatest asset; as part of the Tayrona National Park it is completely undeveloped and is not even accessible by car. It’s about an hour’s hike from the eco-habs and cabanas in the interior of the park, which are accessible only on horseback over muddy jungle-mountain paths from the reception area. Which is accessible only by jeep from the entrance of the park. Which is accessible only by local bus. Or you could swim there and just hang your hammock on the gazebo, situated on the point which juts out into the Caribbean.