Video “Vixen”: Watch Gyptian + Angela Hunte Get Hot and Heavy

October 31, 2013

Words by Natalie Weinerโ€”


One thing is for sure: Gyptian knows how to get any party bumpin’. His 2010 hit “Hold You” was one of those (unfortunately rare) dancehall songs to cracked the Billboard Hot 100, inspiring NSFW dancing around the globe. Gyptian is trying to replicate the success of “Hold You” with his new album, Sex, Love, and Reggae, which was just released Tuesday. You’re probably beginning to sense a theme here โ€”with song titles like “Majestic Love,” “Turn Me On,” and “G-Spot” (!) Gyptian isn’t shy about being a ladies’ man. As he told us last time he came by, “I am here to elevate the mind of the people but I love the ladies so much, man.”

Angela Hunte is just one of the many talented women that Gyptian tapped for this albumโ€”as a cowriter of both “Empire State Of Mind” and Reincarnated, Snoop’s reggae album (among other things), she’s got cred across the pop music spectrum. Together with Gyptian, she’s written “Vixen,” a club-ready ode to the moment when you spot that person across the room. The song starts off with a Fuzzy Jones sample (Mercy, anyone?) from the Reggie Stepper song “Cu Oonuh,” and then gets into a bouncy (and totally infectious) dancehall groove as Gyptian and Hunte start singing. The video (below) features the two artists, as well as an unnamed “vixen” (naturally) in two parallel seductions – one of which features Gyptian riding a white horse along a wooded path, shirtless. Yes, really (have you pressed play yet?).

Even better, Ms. Hunte will be our guest on tonight’s edition of The LargeUp Sessions, along withย USVI rapperย Paebak, and German reggae singerย Uwe Banton. Make sure to tune in, 6-8 PM on!