Duppies and Vampires: A Haunted Reggae Top 10 For Halloween

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October 31, 2013

9. Tommy Lee Sparta, “Psycho” + “Shook (Uncle Demon)” (2012)

Dancehall got extra haunted in 2012, when the artist originally known as Tommy Lee (he later added the Sparta for copyright reasons) took over the scene with his gothic style. Not only did the Montego Bay native devise an alter ego based on the Grim Reaper (“Grimrim”), but he made facepaint and creepy masks his visual hallmarks. While it was the chart-topping “Psycho” that introduced us to his dark vision of the world, his gothic styleโ€”and dancehall as a wholeโ€”reached its darkest point with the follow-up single “Uncle Demon” and its terrifying video.