Throwback Thursdays: Lenny Kravitz is “Florida Boy” In These ’70s German TV Commercials

August 8, 2013

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”


Florida Boy Orange was a brand of soft drink sold in the Germany in the ’70s. What’s that gotta do with us? Well, turns out “Florida Boy” himself, at least in a pair of (now comical, if a little uncomfortable) newly uncovered commercials, was none other than a young Lenny Kravitz.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon recently uncovered these gems, airing a clip during Kravitz’s appearance on the show last week to promote the new movie, The Butler. Considering Kravitz’s Bahamian roots (read more about that here) and the commercial’s calypso-y soundtrack, we thought our LargeUp readers might get a kick out of this.