Calypso Comeback: Watch Kobo Town’s “Mr. Monday” Video

July 1, 2013

Words by Tasha Brownโ€”


Few people are fans of Monday. For many, it’s full of weariness and dread. But Kobo Townโ€™s “Mr. Monday” video will have you grooving to the tropical sound any day of the week.

Trini-Canadian songwriter Drew Gonsalves is the clever storyteller behind Kobo Town. The group, named after the Port-of-Spain neighborhood that birthed calypso, brings a folk, rock and reggae influence to that traditional Trinidadian sound.

“Mr. Monday” is the first single from their new album Jumbie in the Jukebox, and the video is their first. The video is a beautiful metaphor, as a rugged homeless manโ€”Mr. Mondayโ€”walks through the town carrying a heavy load, seeking purpose and happiness. The rhythm, meanwhile, brings life to the lyrics, giving the track a hopeful feel.

“Mr. Monday” is just one of several standout tracks on the album, which has received rave reviews from NPR, The Guardian and more. “Kaiso Newscast” embodies a traditional vibe, but with a young energy, showing the power of calypso as the voice of its people. In “Diego Martin,” a somber Gonsalves recounts his memories of childhood in his hometown, and the changes that happened to the land and its people.

Kobo Townโ€™s sound is undoubtedly calypso-inspired, but the group pulls from many genres, dropping wisdom and insight along the way. Although it has a calypso tone, itโ€™s bolder and a little more colorfulโ€”a new-aged flavor.