‘Money’ Move: Watch Future Soul Diva Tecla’s New Jamaica-Set Video

June 29, 2013

Words by Tasha Brown—

You may be tempted to put Italian-Haitian New Yorker Tecla in a box, associate her with a specific genre, or even call her a Caribbean version of M.I.A. But you’ll need to stop while you’re ahead, because she doesn’t want to be defined – she’s way too talented for just one box or label.

This year, Tecla released her second album, We Are The Lucky Ones. The album embodies her many influences – reggae, EDM, hip hop, and rock. The childhood piano prodigy knows her music. So expect lots of flavor.

Tecla’s island gyal spiciness is unapologetic and so is her music. In the new single, “Money,” she tells chicks to hustle and get their money tight. The lyrics scream, “Independent Women,” while the video, shot in Jamaica, has a chill, easy-breeze Caribbean energy. The result: high summer anthem potential.