LargeUp Premiere: Bunji Garlin’s “Differentology” (Noah Issa Remix)

June 3, 2013

Words by Massiv Dโ€”


The sheer number and quality of original EDM tracks and remixes coming out of the Caribbean these days makes it seem like there’s an Ibiza-esque movement happening. The two front running islands of the scene are certainly Jamaica and Trinidad, whose unique blends of rhythm and vibes have been highlighted recently by the success the new Major Lazer album, Sean Paul and Congorock’s “Bless Di Nation” and the growing influence of international dance music on soca. This week’s installment of island EDM sees these two countries colliding in Jamaican producer Noah Issa’ s take on “Differentology” by the mad viking of Soca, Bunji Garlin.

Bunji’s original 2013 Trinidad Carnival and international crossover smash is perhaps the most notable reflection yet of EDM’s influence on soca, and the remix brings this influence to the fore even more, as Noah goes in with progressive chords and buildups allowing Bunji’s chants to float seamlessly across the track. The standard four-on-the-floor kick is offset by live drums that add originality and flare just before the drop… all of which are sure to incite intense dancing, airhorns and plenty of rewinds. As Bunji notes himself in the track, “The atmosphere have vibes,” so check out the remix (via J-Rod Records) and play it loud all summer…