Ground Provisions: Cooking With Suzanne Couch

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May 31, 2013


LU: Do you have any plans to pair your own music and food?

SC: When I did the segment with Daryl, I said to myself this is ridiculous. I want to do something like this because I really do food and music – Darryl only brings chefs in. I’m not going to do a music show like Daryl; this will be a food show but with a lot of music—sort of like a reality-type show of these nights that I have at my home. All kinds of people come here. When the rehearsals start you will see it; it’s crazy, man! We’ve been rehearsing for like two-and-a-half years, and we’ve only done about two shows. The music is so difficult and we only rehearse once a week but it’s not reggae, it’s not hardcore pop, it’s just songs that I wrote. You can’t really put it in a category per se. I’ve done a lot of tapings with filmmaker Carlo Less, and we’ve been compiling footage because we want to do the pilot for a 13-show internet series.

LU: Tell me about the status and future of Café What’s On.

SC: It’s now an artist space and the name has changed; it’s called What’s On Creative Warehouse Café and Espresso Bar. It’s an actual house and we have about eight rooms up there. What I want to do is to have the café downstairs and artists upstairs—everybody gets a room, similar to residencies. I’ve been getting into spray painting the café. I got this guy, a friend of my daughter Sarah, to come in and paint the outside of my wall. If you go to 133 Barbican Road, you’ll see a painting from this artist called Mau Mau from England, who does very controversial paintings. He decided to do David and Goliath; David as the little farmer throwing his ital seed at Goliath, the Monsanto man. Monsanto corn is taking over the planet right and you know the whole controversy with that.


I have about 86 cans of paint in Miami right now waiting to be shipped to Jamaica so I can finish the wall and I think I’m going to do something for Kingston On the Edge. I’m going to invite the artists and people from the Grants Pen community out, and we are going to do a spray fest. You know Art Basel in Miami? I would love to do Grants Pen like that. Just paint the entire community, so that when people drive through, they are really impressed and I think that would just uplift the entire area. But the rehearsal is about to start.

Miss Lily’s sauces are now available here. Suzanne Couch and her band perform tonight in Kingston, Jamaica, at Redbones Blues Cafe.