Skateboarding in the Domincan Republic with Luis Tolentino

May 29, 2013

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”


Okay, we might need a (semi-) late pass on this one, but our recent coverage of Dominican Republic action-sports capital Cabarete reminded us of this dope recent video series featuring Dominican-born, NYC-based skateboarder Luis Tolentino‘s return home to DR earlier this year.

As part of theย Harold Hunter Foundation‘s outreach efforts, Tolentinoโ€”the current record holder for world’s highest ollieโ€” had the chance to tour DR with a bunch of fellow NYC skaters, teaching workshops and providing donated gear to local kids. Red Bull (along with Airwalk) sponsored the tour, and they made sure it was well documented, commissioning a three-part series documenting Luis’ trip, from a stop at his mom’s place to share the news to an airport skating session in Santo Domingo, and visits to various schools and parks across the country. Somewhere in there, he found time to ollie a cow. (Or maybe that was an earlier trip?)

Watch the series below. Since this trip seems to have produced so much good vibes, we’ve thrown in a fourth videoย (edited by LargeUp contributor Reid Van Renesse) that the Harold Hunter Foundation put together to showcase the trek, too.