Throwback Thursdays: Red Fox on Red Fox’s “Born Again Black Man”

May 23, 2013

Words by Red Foxโ€”


Earlier this week we premiered “Soulja,” the new video from NYC dancehall legend Red Fox. Seeing as its also the 20th anniversary of Red’s As A Matter of Fox LP, we asked him to remember/introduce the video for “Born Again Black Man,” off of that album.

We shot the video in ’93 and used Ralph McDaniels as a director ’cause at the time Ralph was the one who was showcasing the whole Ruff Entry Crew on Video Music Box, on [New York’s] Channel 31. He really got us more fans and was always in the mix with us. For the casting, we chose nothing but girls of darker complexion ’cause, at that time, most of the videos were featuring all the light-skinned girls. Plus the bleaching thing was on the rise. I really wanted to get a point across that people of darker complexion are beautiful.