Toppa Top 10: The 10 Best Caribbean Beers

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April 5, 2013

6. Kubuli (Dominica)

Dominica is all about nature, adventure, smiles and authentic Caribbean experiences. Kubuli fuels it all, embodying its Nature Island home through and through. The word Kubuli in and of itself is short for Waitukubuli, the Carib Indian name for the island. The water used to make is pulled directly from the Loubiere Spring, which runs right by the brewery amid the type of lush surroundings youโ€™d sooner find at an eco-lodge, natural spa, or nothing at all. Sure, it has German sensibilities, but thereโ€™s no truer taste of Dominica. After a long dayโ€™s hike through the wild of Dominica, Kubuli is a most welcome treat.