Welcome to Jamroc: Meet Jamaica’s EDM All-Star Squad

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April 3, 2013

Alric and Boyd

Jamroc’s first release with Pierre was actually released on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records. “Seleckta” features Jamaican sound system legend Rory of Stone Love, with Pierre producing the A-side and handling the B-side remix (which premiered here on LargeUp last month).

โ€œPierre always wanted to work with some Jamaicans, to do vocals,โ€ Boyd said. โ€œHe was talking about Sean Paul, RDX, Tifa,ย  just going through the roster. I had an idea that I know Rory, cause Rory is family, and Rory have a ting where he goes โ€œSeeeeee-lecktaโ€ from back in the day. I said, we need that on a track.โ€

Alric and Boyd

Alric and Boyd

Next up for Jamroc is a remix of โ€œAcid Dreamsโ€ by Detroit Grand Pubas, which is out April 16 on AATrax (you can already stream the whole Acid Dreams EP here). That will be followed by Jamroc’s first official release as a unit, โ€œHead Bass.โ€ Though no longer on the radio in Jamaica (their Fame FM residency ended in 2009, after 14 years), Alric and Boyd produce Afro Acid Radio, Pierre’s radio show broadcast in England and Greece. Behind the scenes, they have helped push dubstep in Jamaica forward, connecting up-and-coming producer Noah Issa with Mr. Lexx on the recent track, โ€œDamp.โ€

โ€œWe canโ€™t stop doing what weโ€™re doing, because if you stop then youโ€™re not in the race anymore,โ€ Boyd says. “Because of the whole MP3 revolution, that whole sense of being a DJ has broken down to nothing. Music isnโ€™t worth anything, DJs arenโ€™t worth anything. What we have to do now is try to reinvent ourselves in a way of being a super producer or super DJ. Put those things together and you have something where you can set yourself up.โ€

For the full history behind Alric and Boyd and EDM in Jamaica, read โ€œRaving Kings: Alric and Boyd and the Untold Story of Dance Music in Jamaica.โ€

Alric and Boyd