Pure Vibes: Watch Tarrus Riley’s Video for “Gimme Likkle One Drop”

Words by Emily Shapiro, Photo: DSE Media—

Tarrus Riley Gimme Likkle One Drop

We’ve got the cure for any mid-week blues you might be feeling today. Tarrus Riley has released a new video for his Chimey Records chune “Gimme Likkle One Drop” and it is pure vibes. The video features Riley setting up and performing at a chill outdoor party up in the hills above Kingston, where young children and elders alike are singing along. Among those making cameos are Large Up friend and lead actor of Better Mus’ Come, Sheldon Shepherd, among other members of his group, No-Maddz. Watching this will definitely transport you to a happy place—if you’re not already there. Check it out: