LargeUp Premiere: DJ Pierre feat. Rory Stone Love, “Seleckta (Jamroc Remix)”

March 19, 2013

Words by Jesse Serwer

Selecka DJ Pierre x Jamroc

Chicago house music pioneer DJ Pierre has a new, dancehall-inspired single out today featuring legendary Jamaican sound man Rory of Stone Love fame out on hipster EDM label, Dim Mak Records. If that’s not novel enough for you, the DJ duoโ€”and the certified dons of dance music in Jamaicaโ€” Alric & Boyd (Federation Sound, FAME FM) got the job of remixing the single, called “Seleckta.” Actually, the mix is the debut of Jamroc, their new production team with Douglas Harper, a/k/a Ben-J.A.H. Look out for more Jamroc releases, including a remix of “Acid Dreams” by the Detroit Grand Poo Bahs remix and their first single “Head Bass,” both out on DJ Pierre’s AATRAXX label, within the month.

Stream the remix below, cop the single here, and look out for our story on the untold story of EDM in Jamaica, as told by Alric and Boyd, on LargeUp later this week.

DJ Pierre feat. Rory Stone Loveโ€””Selectka” (Jamrock Remix)