Japanese Soca? Carnival Flavor “Jump Up” For Trinidad

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Japanese soca video Carnival Flavor

If you’re reading this site right now, we trust you’re well aware of Japanese folks’ unique enthusiasm for—and uncanny ability to emulate aspects of—dancehall culture. Well, a Japanese crew called Carnival Flavor have just opened a whole ‘nother can of rum-soaked, flag-waving worms with their “Jump Up” video.

Our Trini connect, Jillionaire, just alerted us to the clip, which takes us from a T&T-themed potluck to a beachside mas camp, it appears that the Japanese soca craze is about to begin. The video’s poster, Tigereye8593, suggests that it already has. (UPDATE: this site appears to be Internet ground zero for the Japanese liming scene). The campy clip has a healthy dose of intentional humor, from a pannist who keeps hitting people in the face with his stick to a late appearance from a dude dressed like Major Lazer. (Also, it’s directed by Atsuko Tanaka, a NY-based photographer whose clients include Martin Scorcese and Beyonce).

Why waste more words—this one needs to be seen to be believed.