Japanese Soca? Carnival Flavor “Jump Up” For Trinidad

February 21, 2013

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”

Japanese soca video Carnival Flavor

If you’re reading this site right now, we trust you’re well aware of Japanese folks’ unique enthusiasm forโ€”and uncanny ability to emulate aspects ofโ€”dancehall culture. Well, a Japanese crew called Carnival Flavor have just opened a whole ‘nother can of rum-soaked, flag-waving worms with their “Jump Up” video.

Our Trini connect, Jillionaire, just alerted us to the clip, which takes us from a T&T-themed potluck to a beachside mas camp, it appears that the Japanese soca craze is about to begin. The video’s poster, Tigereye8593, suggests that it already has. (UPDATE: this site appears to be Internet ground zero for the Japanese liming scene). The campy clip has a healthy dose of intentional humor, from a pannist who keeps hitting people in the face with his stick to a late appearance from a dude dressed like Major Lazer. (Also, it’s directed by Atsuko Tanaka, a NY-based photographer whose clients include Martin Scorcese and Beyonce).

Why waste more wordsโ€”this one needs to be seen to be believed.