Row Like a King: Watch Beenie Man’s “Super Model” Video

Words by Emily Shapiro—

Beenie Man Super Model video

Yesterday, the self-proclaimed King of the Dancehall released a new video for his tune “Super Model,” and it’s no surprise that the only modesty in King Beenie’s video is the shabby rowboat he has filled with fly, half-naked women. The song is on Dre Skull’s Kling Klang riddim, which has already spawned videos from Popcaan (for “So We Do It”) and Tifa (for “Champion Bubbler.”)

The third and final video in the trio directed by Vice’s Andy Capper (director of Snoop’s upcoming Reincarnated documentary) finds Beenie Man parading around Hellshire Beach dressed like a king, with a court full of bikini-clad ladies wining and bubbling behind and alongside him, even keeping his cape from dragging on the ground. There’s not much else happening in the video but you might like it if you’re into that sort of thing. Check it out below and see for yourself.