Toppa Top 10: Rasta Claus’ Favorite Reggae Christmas Tunes

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December 21, 2012

Words by Rasta Clausโ€”

Rasta Claus' Top 10 Reggae Christmas Tunes

If you ever search for reggae Christmas music online, you’ll probably find your way to the YouTube channel of Rasta Claus85. The enigmatic poster has gathered what must certainly be the largest collection of holiday-themed reggae tunes anywhere,ย  from Jacob Miller’s conscious Christmas classics to obscurities by artists we’ve never even heard of. We had Mr. Claus dig deep into his red, gold and green bag, to gift us with the 10 greatest reggae Christmas tunes of all-time.

Greetings from Rasta Claus!

I have collected over 500 Reggae Christmas songs over the years and all can be found on my Youtube channel:ย Scroll through for my picks for the Top 10 Reggae Christmas Songs: