Viral Video Watch: Belizean James, “No Gold Anything”

December 14, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”

Belizean James

Trinidad James leaves himself open to parody in his over-the-top “All Gold Everything” video. Unsurprisingly, as the Trini-born rapper’s song and video have blown the hell up these last few weeks, the spoofs have started rolling in. For a number of reasons, this one from actor Lamorne Morris of Fox sitcom The New Girl reigns supreme, though. For one thing, Morris’ doppelganger is called Belizean James. Then there’s the visuals, a to-the-tee recreation of “All Gold Everything” that looks exactly like the original except where it’s supposed to not look like it. If you’re already in the loop with the whole Trinidad James thing, prepare to laugh yourself silly.