Bomb A Drop: Watch Busy Signal’s “Everybody Turn Artiste” Video

December 5, 2012

Words By Sherman Escoffery–

Maybe it was the five months that Busy Signal spent incarcerated outside of Jamaica which made him reflect on how many waste individuals he had to coexist with in the music fraternity. After dropping the throwback style “Come Shock Out,” Busy appears to be on a personal mission, with his new single “Everybody Turn Artiste,” to leave an indelible impression on Jamaican music, and also to clean out and displace these individuals masquerading as artists and clogging up the music pipeline with irrelevant noise they think is music. The line, “What a disgrace in the music fraternity, right now the music needs a surgery” is a harsh truth many are afraid to say in public about the current state of dancehall music. In this uptempo criticism that is also potential dance anthem, Busy does not spare the payola-demanding radio jocks, or the producers of the noise, either.

Hopefully producers and artists will listen to this song and start treating Jamaican music with the respect it deserves, and we will no longer see veteran artists resorting to gimmicks.

Check out the video below and you judge the song yourself: