LargeUp Investigates: Trinidad James

November 29, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”

If you follow rap music closely, you’ve probably heard the name Trinidad James come up recently. Essentially unknown a few months ago, the Atlanta rapper has a sudden swell of hype around him, thanks to his mixtape Don’t Be S.A.F.E., and his flamboyant fashion sense.

One thought you might have after hearing James’ music, though, is, “Is this guy really Trini, or just a dude with a catchy name?” James raps and speaks with a thick Georgia drawl, and looks like Gucci Mane after a trip to the thrift shop with Jeremy Scott (and a perm).

James’ video for “All Gold Everything” would appear to settle any questions about his Trini-ness: There’s just as much red and black in the clip as there is gold. James sports a Trini flag bandana and ring, while assorted members of his crew are draped up in Trini flags as wellโ€”all while marching through the unlikely locale of Clayton County, Georgia, a place not exactly not known as a hub of Caribbean culture.

This wasn’t sufficient evidence, apparently, for some amateur videographers who questioned the rapper’s authenticity with questions about Piarco Airport and roti, in a clip recently posted to YouTube (Watch it below). Passing his test with flying colors, James tells his questioners: “I was born in Trinidad, man. I wouldn’t name myself that if I had nothing to do with it.” There you go. Case closed.