Free Reggae: Marley’s Mellow Mood “Tune In Tuesdays” Presents Jahfe’s “Miami Vice”

Words by LargeUp Crew—

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Marley’s Mellow Mood has come up with a new way to “free the people with music,” launching a weekly free music download series, co-curated by LargeUp, and dubbed Tune in Tuesdays. Each Tuesday, this link features a download of a new single from a different artist.

This week’s featured track is “Miami Vice,” from Jahfe, a multicultural Miami band which brings together musicians from around the world including Cuba, Haiti, Israel and the Czech Republic. The standout tune on the Inner Circle-produced The Reggae Wave compilation released earlier this year, “Miami Vice” marries uptempo, new-school reggae vibes with some gripping, street-savvy lyrics and R&B vocals to create a truly distinctive Miami reggae sound. Check it out below, and read on for a quick interview with Jahfe.


What role does your heritage play in your music?

Our mixed heritage give us a unique sound. When all these amazing musicians come together to deliver the music that we present to the world as Jahfe, each gives their two cents and it results in a very rich sound.

What can we expect to hear from you in the next year?

In 2013, Jahfe will release a new album entitled 3rd Eye. The album will include “Miami Vice” and “Pressure” from The Reggae Wave compilation. With this album the band took more liberties with exploring what ‘Pop Roots’ would sound like. Since we are young and influenced by the current state of music, its only normal that we would mix the roots of reggae with the sounds of today. What truly matters at the end of the day is the message in the music.

Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write “Miami Vice?”

Miami is a beautiful city. But underneath the beauty there is violence in the streets. We tell the story of a girl who wants to do good but is driven to the bad side by poverty and the greed for material things and ends up dying. There is always the hindsight, but by then its too late. Knowing Jah is the only cure.

What are your ultimate ambitions as a group?

To share this message, this music all over the world. After all, Jahfe is for the people.