Brownsville Rock: BRNGTN’s “Rise Of The Machine” Video

Words by Sherman Escoffery__

BRNGTN’s “Rise The Machine” video is not set in the fictional Brownsville like Antoine Fuqua’s Brooklyn’s Finest, where the cops take 10 minutes to respond to a shooting. In the real Brownsville, the constant and ambivalent presence of cops from the 73rd precinct, and the elevated tracks of the #3 train along Livonia Avenue, never lets you forget that this is the place with the highest crime rate in the New York City, and it still lives up to its hood motto “Shoot To kill Brownsville.”
Born and raised in Brownsville-Brooklyn, to Jamaican parent, BRNGTN mixes his Jamaican roots with his love of for Hip-Hop and Alternative music, to shape his sound and style that he has spent the last decade honing, while making appearances in clubs like Santos Party House, Southpaw, and has even performing at the Afropunk Music Festival, alongside CX Kidtronik . On this track, BRNGTN jumps unto the classic Sound Dimension track, “Rockfort Rock” like a verbal gymnast, but he doesn’t indulge you with the pretentious metaphors; he spits straight rhymes about his Brownsville reality, with a steady cadence that brings memories of veteran NYC DJ Shinehead, with a modern hint of Pusha T., that makes one thing known, BRNGTN is ready to get his—don’t sleep on him.

Check out his video below.