Toppa Top 11: Walshy Fire’s 11 Things You Must Do at Miami Carnival

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October 2, 2012

Words by Walshy Fire, Photo by Matt Goiasโ€”

Jus Liming Photo: Matt Goias

Headed to Miami Carnival this weekend? The carnival itself isn’t ’til Sunday (on the road outside of Sun Life Stadium, home of the Dolphins and the Hurricanes) but the week leading up to it is filled with massive Caribbean events going on throughout the Miami area. The amount of choices can be overwhelming (Hit the yardie spot out in Broward? Chill out on South Beach? Go see Machel?) so we called up the one man we knew could make sense of it all, MIA’s “Prime Minister,” Walshy Fire (and a man who we recently caught up with in print and on video), for his picks on what CANNOT BE MISSED. Click through below, as we tun our usual Toppa Top 10 countdown up to 11!

Walshy on the road at Notting Hill Carnival this summer