Yard Hop: Watch Nomad Carlos’ “As Real As It Gets” Video

September 14, 2012

Words By Nico Siminoโ€”

Seems like Jamaican rappers areย experiencing a surge these days, with the latest yardie MC export being Nomad Carlos. Carlos, who reps Kingston, like his fellow Jamaican MC and collaborator Five Steez, was born in Miami but raised in Kingston from the age of five, and he’s actually been around for a minute. His latest track, “As Real As It Gets,” features some serious production,ย harkeningย back to the Lyricist Lounge days of boom-bap beats filled with soft, acid jazz-like melodies. The video, meanwhile, offers a diverse set of Kingston scenes, from rotted old docks downtown to uptown high-rises and a view from the hills. If ’90s-style rap is your thing, this guy is one to watch, regardless of him being from Jamaica or not. Check the video below, and stream it here.