VIDEO: Willy Wonka In Dub

September 6, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwer, via Egotripland

Our friends over at Egotripland, the new-ish Internet incarnation of our all-time favorite hip-hop magazine ego trip (no caps, please), always keep us laced with hilarious “shiznit” we slept on from the Internet. The other day they put us on to this dirty dancing reggaeton marionette from D.R. (and also the polka version of GN’R’s “Sweet Child O’ Mine),” and now they’ve hipped us to “Wonka’s Rage (Surfin Dub),” a dub tune and video made from samples of Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka going ham in the Chocolate Factory. Not sure who the folks are behind this, but it’s pretty entertaining. Watch below. If not, you get nothing… you lose! Good day, sir.