Now Things: Exclusive Q+A with De Tropix

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August 21, 2012

LU: You had an LP slated to come out in 2010, with Elly Jackson from La Roux and M.I.A. guesting. Are these songs from that or brand new? What happened to that project?

DB: The LP in 2010 got shelved after mine and Cherry’s falling out, which was a shame. But I always say, everything for a reason. We’re good friends with Elly and Mya, so it would be cool to someday get to work with them.

LU: The music on the new EP seems darker and moodier, more “comedown” type music than dance music, or songs we heard from you the first time around… Why would you say that is?

DB: I guess that’s a representation of the kinda time it’s been for us both the last couple of years really. Lots of emotional stresses i think. I reckon it’s been the most emotionally testing time of my life. I don’t speak for Cherry but i know she’s had her fair share too. We didn’t really plan to make the EP that way, it’s just kinda how it happened. We never really set out a sound for a project, it’s just whatever comes out in the studio. But don’t let that fool ya, we’ve got quite a few upbeat singles lined up that will def get the crowd jumping.

LU: You’re both Vincy. Does that figure into your music in any specific way, or is it more just a general Caribbean thing?

DB: We both have Vincy roots and love the vibrancy and rawness that the Caribbean offers. I think it’s just a natural vibe that emanates from our music.

LU: How has the music scape in the UK changed since De Tropix was last active? Does UK pop and dance music have less of a Caribbean accent?

DB: I think the music scene since we first came about has definitely changed, the mainstream charts are now dominated by dance orientated pop records which all sound very similar. We just try and do what feels natural to us at the time, and if that means doing a dance record, then so be it, but we try not to follow trends and would rather pave our own way musically, regardless of what the mainstream is doing. An now that you mention it, yeah, there seems to be very little Caribbean accents in the U.K. charts but hopefully we’ll change that.