Toppa Top 10: Bunny Rugs Shares His Top Spots Backayard

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August 7, 2012

Words by Bunny Rugs and Erin MacLeodโ€”

You have to have somewhere to go when it’s 96ยฐ in the shade. Of course Jamaica is a coastal paradise, but the white sand of its beaches is but one aspect of the country. Bunny Rugs, lead singer of Third World and internationally touring solo artist, was 14 years old on August 6, 1962 when Jamaica became independent from Britain and has traveled the island from tip to tip and coast to coast. Rugs knows the best places to experience Jamaica, the best places to immerse yourself in the vibes of the island and the best places to escape from it all as well. In tribute to the land he loves, Bunny Rugs collects his top spots in Jamaica and tells us why–and he’s not afraid to acknowledge the truly not-to-be-missed tourist spots alongside the off-the-beaten-track. This Independence week, check out Bunny Rugsโ€™ top ten places you can’t miss in Jamaica and start planning your own trip. And here’s a link to your soundtrack for the journey, Bunny Rugs’ new single, “Land We Love” (listen on Soundcloud).