Olympic Sound: London 2012 Meets Vintage Trini Calypso In Who Jax’s “London Town”

July 27, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”

With all due respect to Mitt Romney’s foot and mouth, the Caribbean, in the form of the Jamaican track team, is the central storyline at the London Olympics kicking off tonight.ย  So it’s only right that London 2012 have a summer anthem with some Caribbean flavor. The funky house of “London Town” by Who Jax, a side project of the diverse crew behind Orange Hill Productions, isn’t the sort of thing we usually run over here but listen closely, and you’ll hear samples from Trini calypsonian Lord Kitchener’s “London Is The Place For Me.”ย  Watch the video for “London Town” below, and get up to date on the Orange Hill camp in this interview with OHP’s Ras Kwame and Jnr. Tubby.

Who Jax, from the Orange Hill camp, have the anthem, and a video.