Back to Bass: Watch No Doubt’s Jamaican Street Dance-Inspired “Settle Down” Video

July 16, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photo by Ashley Andrea Beliveau—

Music video premieres rarely achieve event status anymore but the unveiling of a new No Doubt video—their first in 10 years—is definitely a big deal. Apparently, half-hour, Ryan Seacrest-hosted E Channel special big. For those of us more curious about how much Jamaican flavor the Lady Saw/Bounty Killer collaborators will squeeze onto their upcoming, Major Lazer-produced Push and Shove LP than what Gwen will be singing about, the dubby “Settle Down” definitely offers an idea, though not nearly as much as the street dance-inspired video they’ve just premiered. The clip sees each of the band’s members driving personalized big rigs (guitarist Tom Dumont’s boasts a massive mobile sound system setup) before convening in a sort of family reunion that quickly turns into a vaguely Passa Passa-esque street party. Authentic yard vibes? Hardly. But a worthy sequel to “Underneath it All”? Perhaps.