Lock, Stock + Smoking Dancehall: Watch Leftside’s “Do You Know Who I Am?” Video

June 25, 2012

Words by Emily Shapiroโ€”

Last week, our Mixtape Mondays column featured The Transporter, the new, action movie-inspired, full-length mixtape from diabolical dancehall genius and LargeUp favorite Leftside, a/k/a Dr. Evil. Mixed by Mr. Shaun of Coppershot Sound, the track list includes some catchy originals, high-energy remixes and, in true Leftside style, some theatrical and comedic skits.

To accompany the release, Dr. Evil has dropped a new video for the mixtape’s opening tune, โ€œDo You Know Who I Am?โ€ This is not your typical, half-naked women, bottle-popping dancehall video. Directed by Chris โ€œIcey Jaceโ€ Campbell, the video sees Leftside getting his international criminal on with a shady briefcase drop between the โ€œBossโ€ and the โ€œMob Lord,โ€ set to Leftsideโ€™s spot-onย Jason Statham impression (Seriously, his impression skills put most of today’s comedians to shame) andโ€”just as oftenโ€”The Godfather theme music. Large up Leftside for the ill mixtape, original video and continued creative entertainment. Stream the video and mixtape below: