Terror Fabulous Speaks: A Rare Interview with the Elusive ’90s Dancehall Star

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June 20, 2012

LU: Are you working with any particular producer today?

TF: Edgewater studios, RC1studio and we do some production but Dave and me don’t link up back yet, so that mean it not suppose to happen yet. I have a song with a singer named Andrew Melody and I have one call ‘Mama Cry’ with Super Beagle.

[audio:http://largeup.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/01-Mama-Cry1.mp3|titles=01 Mama Cry]
“Mama Cry”

LU: Is there anybody in dancehall now that you, as a veteran and one of the top deejays back then, can say you rate their delivery, songwriting abilities, how they ride the rhythm?

TF: Vybz Kartel, the way him ride the rhythm and his delivery. I don’t know if he writes his own songs but he can DJ and him a gwan with a thing. You have some singers out too; I like to listen to Romain Virgo.

LU: I spoke to Super Beagle and Junior Mitchie, and they told me you are bi-polar. I know about that personally because I have cousins that are bi-polar.

TF: Bi-what… what name so?

LU: It’s like one minute you have an extreme creative energy and you feel like you can conquer the world and the next minute you don’t want to do nothing like your thing not moving, you´re depressed.

TF: Okay, that happens to me sometimes, maybe it’s the environment that I am in at the time still.

LU: Well a lot of people have said that you are crazy, that Terror Fabulous gone mad, but they don’t know that you are bi-polar.

TF: [Very agitated] No! No! No! ‘That you are’ No! That word can’t reach me; I don’t know what those words mean. You can’t put that pan a man iyah; that can´t reach me. I can’t spell that word and I don’t know what it means, and I don’t want to know what it means, either.

You see in life, it’s not what you do, but how you do your thing. Anywhere we go; anywhere we end up, we say ‘it’s just life.’ Nuff people go to the doctor and since I have been in high school, I have had a doctor, so, I know who to speak to, and when to speak to them. I have never been diagnosed with that [as being bi-polar] so I’m a bit offended that people are saying these things. It’s not like I have AIDS or like I have a disease or I eat of the garbage. It would be better if people said ‘Sometimes he feels a way.’ Like sometimes I have my moments, but I bounce back. Cause when man say crazy, those words have meaning you know fire! Crazy people do crazy things.

LU: Do you have a manager at this point?

TF: Well in the beginning it was Brenda Hamilton from Madhouse but it’s a long time since I haven’t seen those people and they’re doing their different things. I’ve had Super Beagle around me, so I’ve been rolling with him and he has been taking care of business.

LU: Is there any final thoughts or words from you to your fans?

TF: I Terror Fabulous just want the I them to pray for the I, and have a better understanding and thinking. Because you see that word that you just mentioned, those are like big words that I don’t want to learn, and if I don’t know the meaning, I don’t use it. I stick to what I know and what I understand about myself. I like when people cheer for me when they hear my music, but more than anything, I love when they pray for me.

LU: So it’s about prayers and simplicity?

TF: Aright daddy—yea man.

[audio:http://largeup.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/You-Would-Ah-Bawl.mp3|titles=You Would Ah Bawl]
“You Woulda Bawl”

LU: I like how you break down the simplicity of the lyrics because sometimes I go back and listen to you’re your songs like even You Woulda Bawl, it’s a powerful but simple song.

TF: Yes! Simple songs. I write them songs myself you know, simple but effective. Rastafari.

Three weeks after this interview, Terror Fabulous pleaded guilty to malicious destruction of property for smashing the house window of a Justice Of the Peace. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail, suspended for one year.