Audio: Jamaican MC Five Steez’s “Divine Appointment”

May 23, 2012

Words by Nico Simino—

Jamaican MC Five Steez is an artist who, given enough exposure, could well become what folks would call a “rappers’ rapper.” Blessed with lyrical prowess and accompanied by 90’s era minimalist, boom-bap beats, Five Steez reminds me of a lost tradition in hip-hop: straight-up-rhyming. His newest song, “Divine Appointment,” is co-produced by London’s DJ Illout, and features a raw, hypnotizing beat with sprinkles of DJ Premier influence laced throughout. Although Steez is from Kingston, he speaks with no heavy accent or patois, and raps like those underground acts from back in the day that sounded like they were reading straight from their rhymebook. (Check Kenn Starr from the Low Budget Crew for a kindred spirit in today’s rap scene, though) . For more Five Steez, get his War For Peace EP here.