Outa (Rocky) Road: The Jamaican Ice Cream Shops of Washington D.C.

Words by Jesse Serwer, via the Washington Post

From Tuesday’s Washington Post comes this great article spotlighting Jamaican ice-cream shops in the Washington D.C. area. Apparently, there are quite a few yardie-operated ice creameries serving island specialties like grape nut, ginger, guava, Guinness and rum raisin in D.C.’s Maryland suburbs. Who knew? (Unless you’re lucky enough to be in driving distance of Mount Rainier.)

Though a handful of NY eateries, including Christie’s Jamaican Patties and Miss Lily’s, have begun serving Jamaican ice-cream flavors recently, we’ve never encountered an establishment solely devoted to island-style ice cream in NYC or the U.S.’ other Jamaican expat centers. You’re going to be hungry after reading this—Good thing they included recipes for soursop and grape nut!