Film Premiere: “Restless City” In NYC

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Filmmaker/photographer Andrew Dosunmu‘s Restless City receives it’s long-awaited theatrical release today, in New York City, Los Angeles and Atlanta, through the good people at African American Film Festival Releasing Movement, or AFFRM. The film is a story about West Africans living in New York City but, as OkayAfrica’s Beatriz Leal Riesco writes, “its standout characteristic is its utter beauty, which engulfs the viewer from start to end.”

If you’re wondering how this connects to LargeUp, Restless City co-stars Nicole “Sky” Grey, the Jamaican actress and model, previously of Better Mus’ Come. Last night Nicole stopped by our show The LargeUp Sessions for a chat about Jamaica, movies and music—turns out she’s also an artist. Look out for that interview on the site next week. Head to OkayAfrica for info on Restless City opening night events tonight in New York City, where the movie screens at AMC Empire 42nd Street Theater, and their interview with Dosunmu; for information on release dates in other cities and tickets, go here