Toppa Top 10: Mighty Sparrow’s Smuttiest Lyrics

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March 6, 2012

Words by Quinton Scott, Duncan Brooker and Stephen Bollesโ€”

Trinidad’s Mighty Sparrow is rightly recognized as the King of Calypso, and has been hailed for the socially conscious, politically savvy lyrics in songs such as “Kennedy & Krushchev” and the incredibly poignant “Slave.” For those with their minds somewhere less lofty though, his words are no less notable for their pioneering use of “slack talk” in song. One of the first Calypsonians to speak of sex outside of crafty allusion (see 1960’s Road March winning “Mae Mae”), Sparrow’s lyrics frequently rely on not-so-subtle double entendre (dubiously feline “pussy” references abound) to address everything from interracial relationships to oral sex to infidelity in all it’s forms. Below are some of his naughtier verses, showing once again that a pre-occupation with sex isn’t limited to any particular generation. Strut Records’ Sparrowmania!, which collects Sparrow material ranging from the ribald to the refined, is out now.