Found Footage: Hitler Finds Out About Machel Montano’s Clean Sweep

March 5, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”

By now you’ve probably seen at least a few YouTube videos of Hitler losing his shit for various improbable reasons. The footage is from the climactic scene in a German movie called Downfall and, no matter what the subtitles tell us Der Fuhrer is freaking out over, the results are usually pretty funny. The trend has finally reached the Caribbean. That’s right, Der Fuhrer found out about Machel Montano’s clean sweep at Soca Monarch/TnT Carnival this year, and he’s none too pleased. But Kerwin DuBois “make ah bess song,” an incredulous Hitler says. Unable to digest the news, he jokes, “I even hear he coming for Chutney next year too!” before unleashing a torrent of expletives covering everything from last year’s curfew to the price of gyros. Tip of the hat to Jillionaire for spotting this one.