Santi Town: Watch Santigold’s Jamaica-Set “Disparate Youth” Video

March 1, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwer, via MTVโ€”

As she’s explained it, Santigold found the direction for her upcoming sophomore album Master Of My Make-Believe on a sojourn to Jamaica. โ€œI went out on this tiny speedboat with Diploโ€“ we were flying, no life jackets, it was so dangerous,โ€ she told Pitchfork. โ€œThis speedboat had a little sound system, and it was playing old reggae, and it was making this distorted, blown-out, grinding sound over the ocean. And I was like, ‘This is what I want my record to feel like.’โ€

Appropriately, she’s returned to the scene of the crime for the video for the gorgeous, Ricky Blaze-produced single, โ€œDisparate Youth,โ€ which was directed by Sam Fleischner, the guy behind 2010’s hipsters-inna-yard flick Wah Do Dem. Visually, โ€œDisparate Youthโ€ is on some epic, Duran Duran โ€œRioโ€ meets Lord of the Flies shit, a Golden Era of MTV-level, vague/weird story-driven video sure to stand out amidst today’s budget YouTube visuals. Follow our heroine as she journeys through the Jamaican wilds by motorbike and motorboat, happening on a grand plantation house and a facepainted-up tribe of duppy pickneys. Enjoy.