Impressions: Fi Wi Sinting Culture Festival

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February 29, 2012

Words and Photos by Martei Korleyโ€”

Impressions is a new regular photo series offering a quick visual snapshot of Caribbean life.

Sunday before last, the grounds of Likkle Porty, by beautiful Somerset Falls, JA, served as the backdrop for this year’s Fi Wi Sinting event. A gorgeous day with mild temperatures set the stage for Jamaica’s largest Afrocentric fair of the year. Visitors were treated to a great variety of food, from hemp nut milkshakes to jerk chicken and ackee patties, peeled cane and jelly coconuts. Vendors selling jewelry and colorful fabrics lined up in booths set against a lush green hillside. Mutabaruka played his soundsystem while locals and tourists danced on the big lawn, while poets the Mau-Mau Warriors lit up the stage at the far end of the venue and The Nyabinghi Order Theocracy Regin chanted praises in the middle of it all. Pretty much a perfect Sunday…