Fashion Fridays: Cutlass and Cane “Bacchanalist” Tees

February 24, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Kerwin DuBois’ “Bacchanalist” has definitely been my tune this carnival season, and, it seems, for a lot of other folks, too. Despite concerns whether the producer-turned-artist (previously DuBois was best known for producing last year’s Groovy Soca-winning “Wotless” by Kes the Band) could translate the song’s energy into a captivating stage performance, he did just that, finishing second to Machel Montano and “Mr. Fete” in the Groovy Soca competition. In fact, some people think he should have won the category.

Fans of Kerwin and “Bacchanalist” can now show their support for the singer and song—or just out themselves as a carnival addict and fete specialist— by sporting the tee he wore during his Soca Monarch performance Friday night. While not yet available for order on their site, you can pre-order it from Cutlass and Cane by clicking on their contact page and submitting your name, e-mail address and t shirt size in the message area. Visit their site for more info, and watch Kerwin’s “Bacchanalist” video and Soca Monarch performance below.