Toppa Top 10: Jillionaire’s Top Groovy Soca Tunes for 2012

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February 17, 2012

Words by Jillionaireโ€”

Tonight, the biggest event in the run-up to Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival and the biggest event of the year for soca music, the International Soca Monarch competition, goes down at Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port-of-Spain. Last week, we had our Trini correspondent Jillionaire (a/k/a Trini Chris) weigh in with his his top Power Soca picks for this year’s Road March. Now, Jilli’s back with his picks for what promises to be an even more heated Groovy Soca competition.

Hello universe!

So carnival dis year is definitely about the groovy. The music keeps getting better and better, and las year crop ah chunes was real good but like this year even better.