Mrs. Bogle: Rihanna Willie Bounces, Licks Off a Shot Fi Adele

February 13, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwer, via Mr. World Premiereโ€”

Shockingly, Rihanna’s performance at last night’s Grammys was one of the evening’s least shocking numbers. (For that honor, we’re torn between Nicki Minaj’s quasi-Satanic levitation act, or the Don Cornelius “tribute” that turned into the re-anointment of Chris Brown). The yardie/dancehall contingent’s eyebrows were surely raised, though, as Ri-Ri put a little Willie Bounce in her step, breaking into the famed dancehall dance pioneered by the late Mr. Wacky, aka Mr. Bogle, and celebrated in the Elephant Man song of the same name, during her performance of “We Found Love”:
21221225635 by YardieGoals

Even better, Ri-Ri also licked off a few, well-timed shots during Adele’s performance “Rolling With the Deep. Watch below (at 4:17) to see what we mean.