Check it Deeply: Moombahton’s Caribbean Roots

January 6, 2012

Words by DJ Theory

David Heartbreak

Moombahton is a zone we haven’t touched on too much here on LargeUp, but its rising presence in current music is undeniable. With folks like Diplo and Mad Decent helping put it on the map, the genre has reached a mixed group of listeners worldwide. Many of our readers are familiar with this new form of electronic music bubbling on the streets and in the club, but we’re gonna get you a little further up to speed and investigate its Caribbean influence.

Washington DC DJ/producer Dave Nada actually birthed this genre completely by accident while DJ’ing his cousin’s skip school party. Realizing all these lil’ homies were looking for reggaeton and other music he didn’t have in his CD book, he got creative as any seasoned DJ should and, with the help of the turbo pitch control on a CDJ-1000, slowed down 128-BPM, big-room Dutch houseโ€”specifically, Dutch superstar Afrojack’s remix of Silvio Ecomo & DJ Chuckie’sย song “Moombah“โ€” to a cool 108 BPMs, roughly the tempo of much reggaeton.

DJ/producer David Heartbreak is also recognized as one the main pioneers of the moombahton movement, taking a lead role in defining its two main subgenres – moombahsoul and moombahcore. What many may not know is his love of reggae and dancehall music, and his Caribbean roots andย upbringing. Born to a Jewish Jamaican father, he later moved to St Kitts before the entire family relocated to the next best location for a Caribbean familyโ€”Brooklyn. You can hear his roots in the music and, being a big fan of David’s work, I’ve noticed that the rhythm runs deep. Moombahton’s Caribbean stems also have connections from reggaeton and Dutch producers, including Dominican-born, Rotterdam-based beatmaker Munchi, who has had a major impact on this global scene (the kid makes some pretty decent music too). Dudes like Heartbreak and Munchi are proving once again that it never hurts to have the Caribbean on your side if you’re going to produce music for the body and the dancefloor…

Hit the jump for some downloads and an inspired video from Munchi, with lead supporting roles from Heartbreak and his madre.

Heartbreak – Blaze Up
Heartbreak – Blaze Up (That Jeffery) >>ย Download

Heartbreak & Munchi (H&M) – Faceoff >> Download

For those of you in the Bay Area, be sure to catch Heartbreak making his first San Francisco appearance on Saturday, January 21st alongside our own DJ Theory and more. More info here.