Toppa Top 10: The LargeUp Last-Minute Gift Guide, Holiday 2011

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December 20, 2011

8. African Apparel “John Marley” Shirt

African Apparel is a British company with a wicked sense of humor, whose primary M.O. is sending up cliched music T-shirts. Their “John Marley” deliberately and hilariously mixes up the giants of generic rock icon Ts: a picture of Jimi Hendrix is matched with the caption “Bob Marley”; presumably the “John” in the T’s name is Lennon. (Update: This shirt is a tribute to an actual tattoo some idiot got. Thanks, Matt Goias). Get it for ยฃ20 (about $31) through their web store, or wait til after the holidays and scoop it at the soon-to-open Miss Lily’s Variety store in NYC.