Video: Watch Kreyol MC Bennchoumy’s “Nou Sou Wout (We’re on the Road)”

December 5, 2011

Words By Nico Simino

Haitian emcee Bennchoumy, who is fairly new on the scene, recently dropped a video for his single “No Sou Wout” (On the Road). The video, which looks like it might of been filmed among one the many sidewalk-staircases of the Bronx, touches on themes of social consciousness, and uplifting the black community (most explicitly in the last scene of the video). While he raps mostly in Kreyol, he does break through with a few lines in English, which helps non-Kreyol speakers keep up with the general themes and messages of the track. Previously a member of the gospel/hip-hop group The Shepherdz, the native of Kafou, Haiti, currently plays with a larger group called The Manifestation, a live band with Bennchoumy crooning on the mic in a fashion at times reminiscent of Fela Kuti. His music is laced with heavy Afro-pop influences, mixed in with American hardcore rap, giving Bennchoumy a genuine sound that feels like a true representation of present Haitian culture.