Fashion Fridays: 5 Things Dee Jackson Is Rockin’

November 18, 2011

Words by DJ Gravy via Complex

If you were out and about in NYC around Summer 07, you probably started seeing these two young fashionistas twins. They had a different look going on and what stood out were their lego accessories they wore along with bow tie, button down, shorts and high socks–not what you picture when you think of 20 year old kids from Staten Island back then. The ‘Twins’ big break came when their Lego belt buckle made it into a Marc Jacobs show. After that they became downtown staples dubbed The Fashion Twins. Pretty soon after that, their lego heart-shaped brooches, belt buckles and cigarettes were selling at Colette in Paris, Kid Robot in NY and being sported by Kanye West, Beyonce, MIA and of course Okayplayer founder ?uestlove.

While I knew they love dancehall music (I’ve played at a few of their events including their release party for the Ricky and Dee Casio G-Shock watch) I didn’t realize they were half-Jamaican ’til hearing about the Caribbean/Cajun restaurant they were opening in Fort Greene, (our piece on the new hotspot got quoted in the NY Times.) The LargeUp crew gathered there the other day as a going away party for our Miami-bound editor Jesse Serwer and we can confirm that the jerk chicken was spicy to bumboclatt! The grand opening is approaching and you’ll likely hear about it if you’re down with the most thorough of boroughs, BK!

The good folks over at Complex caught up with Dee Jackson and got up on what he’s wearing and it seemed exactly right for a Fashionista Friday repost. Pics after the jump.

Dee & Ricky x PONY Sneakers

“It’s 100 percent Veltex so you can take the Velcro letters that come with it and stick it on and spell out anything. You can spell out Nike or Converse on top of a PONY sneaker and cause a lot of brand confusion.” Available in December.

Gold “Twin” Double Finger Ring

“It was a gift I got maybe about 6 years ago. I’ve worn it everyday for 6 years. I got the illest tan lines and knuckle lines because of it. I missed it one day just because someone fucking played a joke on me and took it about two years ago. I was going paranoid, but after that, its been on everyday.”

Dee & Ricky x G-Shock Watch

“New watch alert! Dee & Ricky G-Shock, the opposite version of the black one that came out a year ago. It’s inspired by legos, the NYPD, and the aspects and colors of life. Swag on.”
Available soon

Dee & Ricky Plush Letter Brooches

“We got the @ sign, which is popular via Twitter, and a plush Dee & Ricky ‘H’ for all the homies. We hot, we hooligans, we hanging in there.”
Available at the New York BBC/Ice Cream Storeโ€จ456 W Broadwayโ€จ(between Houston St & Laguardia Pl)โ€จNew York, NY 10012


“My skateboard is a Zip Zinger. Passport stamps on my board. That means my skateboard has been to more countries than half these motherfuckers in the world. Swag board. “