Foot Soldiers: Mighty Crown x Nike

November 17, 2011

Words by Emily Shapiro

Top-ranking Japanese sound system/musical empire Mighty Crown is celebrating its 20th anniversary with two pairs of new shoes: their fourth and fifth special edition sneakers for Nike. โ€œThe Far East Rulersโ€ have had unprecedented international popularity in the reggae/dancehall scene and are the only sound system to have a deal with Nike. The new kicks, Dunks and Sky Forces, sport the Mighty Crown logo on the tongue and are made even more exclusive by the images of Mighty Crownโ€™s sound clash trophies on the sole. The sneakers are just the latest addition to the Yokohama-based group’s already growing empire, which includes the sound system, a record label and brand of clothing. Check out some more photos of the sneakers here.