Seen: Zoe Saldana X Gucci at the LACMA Gala

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton

Prima Dominicana Zoe Saldana turned a lot of heads earlier this week with her red carpet wears at the LACMA film + art gala, sponsored by Gucci and held in honor of Clint Eastwood (the actor/director, not the veteran dancehall deejay). Appropriately, Zoe was dipped head to toe in a traffic-blocking black and gold Gucci ensemble, an art deco jazz-age throwback with a bold Greek-key design and none of the much-bootlegged company pattern in sight. Set off with Gucci t-strap chain pumps and a feathery up-do worthy of a mythological goddess, Zoe was radiant from head to toe. Some paparazzi only had eyes for what was at chest-level, however–specifically, a brand-new star-studded tat just barely revealed by the airy vented sides of her dress. More views after the jump.