Fashion Fridays: Michi Hots Up the Runway in Toronto

Words by Emily Shapiro, Photos by Steve Alkkok and Jenna Marie Wakani

Canadian designer Michelle Watson is creating some serious buzz for her line, Michi. Watson, who hails from Calgary but whose mother was born in Kingston, Jamaica, debuted Michi’s 2012 collection at  Toronto’s Fashion Week last week. The line gives women the chance to be both sexy and comfortable by merging the concepts into super-heroine inspired activewear.

Bloggers and journalists in Toronto were not only raving about the designs, they couldn’t stop talking about Michi’s unique runway show. Besides for being an athlete— she’s a pro badminton player!—Michelle is something of a dancehall queen herself, and her show reflected the energy and fiyah that a Michi client should exude. A diverse group of models were rocking Michi’s edgy sports bras and leggings while wining it up and flirting with the audience and each other. One of the models even took off her wig and threw it into the audience. compared the show to a Pussycat Dolls rehearsal, to which Michelle responds: “If Pussycat Dolls were supermodel superheroes…” Peruse some styles from the show here and, if you like what you see, check out to find out how to get your hands on them.