Toppa Top 10: Supa Dups’ Top 10 Jamerican Collaborations

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Selections by Supa Dups, Words by LargeUp

Not long ago, we premiered a pair of new tunes from Black Chiney Orchestra or, as they’re also known, D.A. & the Supa Dups—as in D.A. Wallach of Chester French and Supa Dups of Miami’s famed Black Chiney Sound. It’s an unlikely pairing—the singer of a popular indie pop band and the head DJ/ producer in charge at Miami’s top-ranking Jamaican sound system—but between D.A.’s affinity for reggae and dancehall and Dups’ rising stock as a hitmaker for artists ranging from Bruno Mars to Eminem (you know Bad Meets Evil’s super duper mega-smash “Fast Lane”? That’s his beat) it fits. In honor of this unexpected partnership, we asked Supa Dups for a list of his favorite collaborations between Jamaican and yankee artists. Scroll onward for his selections  and stay tuned for another Toppa Top 10 coming right up—from the other half of the Black Chiney Orchestra.