Toppa Top 10: Supa Dups’ Top 10 Jamerican Collaborations

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October 18, 2011

Selections by Supa Dups, Words by LargeUp

Not long ago, we premiered a pair of new tunes from Black Chiney Orchestra or, as they’re also known, D.A. & the Supa Dupsโ€”as in D.A. Wallach of Chester French and Supa Dups of Miami’s famed Black Chiney Sound. It’s an unlikely pairingโ€”the singer of a popular indie pop band and the head DJ/ producer in charge at Miami’s top-ranking Jamaican sound systemโ€”but between D.A.’s affinity for reggae and dancehall and Dups’ rising stock as a hitmaker for artists ranging from Bruno Mars to Eminem (you know Bad Meets Evil’s super duper mega-smash “Fast Lane”? That’s his beat) it fits. In honor of this unexpected partnership, we asked Supa Dups for a list of his favorite collaborations between Jamaican and yankee artists. Scroll onward for his selectionsย  and stay tuned for another Toppa Top 10 coming right upโ€”from the other half of the Black Chiney Orchestra.