Swim Good: Sean Paul Reps for Water Polo in “Cap Campaign”

Words by Emily Shapiro

In addition to being a Grammy Award-winning reggae artist, Sean Paul is also a champion water polo player and swimmer. He is lending his famous face and boasy style to USA Water Polo’s “Cap Campaign” to help expose the sport in the US and, hopefully, re-define the image of the water polo cap. Sean Paul’s grandfather was on Jamaica’s first water polo team and his parents were competitive swimmers as well, and he believes that playing water polo provided him with focus and discipline: “It’s freaking hard,” he says of the athletic challenge. The campaign, which has the tagline “I AM WATER POLO,” has rallied support from a variety of water polo playing celebs like actor Ted McGinley and actress/model Annalaina Marks. The photos will be circulated in magazines and on the internet. Watch a video of Sean talking about the sport below, and, if you haven’t yet caught his latest tune, “She Doesn’t Mind,” from his upcoming fifth album, stream it here.